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Current sports program

Dear sports fan,

we are happy to welcome you at our sports department CampusSport at the Frankfurt UAS! Look forward  to our manifold offers in the winter semester from October 16, 2017 until April 01, 2018. You can find an overview of our indoor and dance offers, as well as our weekend workshops and competition calendar on the right hand side or below

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Register for the courses as of October 23, 2017!

The following course offers cannot take place due a lack of registrations:

  • None

Canceled courses this week:
All courses are canceled that usually take place in the multipurpose hall.

A few important aspects

Introductory week: The courses that usually take place in the multipurpose hall will not take place from October 16, 2017 until October 22, 2017 due to several introductory events at the start of the semester.

2 trial weeks: All indoor courses and dance courses can be attended free of charge from October 23, 2017 until November 05, 2017.

Course registrations: All members of the Frankfurt UAS and of the Goethe University Frankfurt can register online as of October 23, 2017; guests (members of other institutions of higher education / non-members) have the chance to register online. We recommend registering fast once your account is activated if you are interested in a course because many courses are fully booked after a few days and the time of your registration is decisive, if you can take part or not. As of November 06, 2017 you can only take part in the fee-based courses if you are eligible to take part and upon presentation of a student ID or regular ID.

Multi-ticket: You can buy a multi-ticket at the CampusSport office, if you are interested in taking part in more than two indoor activities or dance courses offered on the campus. This entitles you take part in all indoor and dance offers on the campus.

Competitions: Please note the competition program of the Allgemeiner Deutscher Hochschulverband. They are always looking for motivated and talented athletes.

Vacation period: From February 12, 2018 until April 01, 2018, there is a vacation sports program in place with reduced offers; please check the notice boards or check our homepage.

Sport inclusive: Inclusion sport is more than an organizational integration of people with physical or mental disabilities interested in sports. Everyone has the chance to discover their own strengths and promote them. Please contact us directly in this case!

Display cases: current offers and information is displayed in display cases in the buildings 1, 2, 4, 9 and in the City Gate (BCN).