28th International Week in May 2023

The Faculty of Social Work and Health is excited to host its 28th International Week from May 8-12th for students and lecturers of Faculty 4. Featuring the topic “Expanding Understanding: Social Work in a Global Context”, guest lecturers from all over the world will come to Frankfurt and give lectures during regular social work classes, broadly related to the following areas:

  • Exploring international methods & concepts, or local concepts applied in new contexts
  • Examining examples/case studies of international cooperation & best practice
  • Postcolonial approaches
  • Social & environmental justice

The biannual International Weeks aim to incorporate international perspectives and knowledge of social work and healthcare into teaching and inspire students to engage in international exchange opportunities. These also provide a space for networking and exploring potential areas of cooperation with the Faculty’s partner institutions and organizations worldwide.

Take advantage of the opportunity to gain international perspectives and connections during the 28th International Week! Visit the International Weeks website for more information on the lecture schedule in April.

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