Interview Training (in English)

This training is geared towards international students and young professionals who plan on applying for employment opportunities in Germany, in English.

What the workshop covers and what you will learn:

  • Interview structure and procedures
  • How to leverage each part of the interview
  • Commonly asked questions
  • Preparation strategy    
  • Types of interviews
  • What to discuss – and what not to
  • Common mistakes of internationals
  • Answer to your questions.

In this workshop you will learn key, effective strategies for understanding what is expected of you in an interview in Germany and how you can best present yourself.

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The trainer

Jessica Schüller, American, but living in Germany, calls herself a „Germany-obsessed career coach, trainer, & international educator.“. After building an international career service department at a German university, she mainly focussed on international students and young professionals interested in interning or working in Germany. Through intense coaching and training she prepares them to present themselves confidently to German employers. Her teaching approach emboldens students to manage their careers, become lifelong learners, and take responsibility for their professional trajectories.

When and where?

16:00 to 18:00
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