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Studentischer Fotowettbewerb zum Thema: "Europas Zukunft ist.."
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Student Video Competition

Under the patronage of the Hessian Minister of Higher Education, Research and the Arts Boris Rhein

the Center for Applied European Studies (CAES) of the Frankfurt University for Applied Sciences is looking for a video on the subject:

"Imagine a New EU"

Imagine – create – inspire: Reinvent the EU!

There are no limits to your creativity and ideas. Imagine it is your task to reinvent the EU. Show us in a video of maximally 1 minute length what your European community would look like, where all citizens live together peacefully. Are there even nation states in your EU? Does the EU also function without institutions? Share your vision with us! You can submit your video in form of a presentation (with or without graphic support) or as a film presentation.

Submission Deadline:

May 6, 2018 (postmark or date of receipt of the email with the download link). Videos submitted at a later point in time cannot be considered.


1st prize – € 1000

2nd prize – € 600

3rd prize – € 300

Conditions of Participation:

All students studying in Europe of a minimum age of 18 (please enclose your enrolment certification to prove your student status; the date of validity must be visible).

Send your HD video of maximally 1 minute length in a H.264/mp4 format. The video must be submitted in landscape mode and can be either in German or English. Each participant may only submit one video to the competition.

The videos are to be submitted via email to with a download link or via mail on a CD-ROM, DVD or on a flash drive to:

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
Center for Applied European Studies
Nibelungenplatz 1
60318 Frankfurt/Main, Germany

The participants must ensure that the download link functions. A video file as an attachment to an email is not allowed due to its size. The submitted data mediums are not returned.

The official award ceremony will expectedly take place at the end of June. The winner’s presence is desired.

Travel expenses within Europe will be reimbursed for the three prize winners up to a maximum of € 300 upon proof. This only applies to 2nd class train tickets or a flight in the economy class if the original train or flight ticket has been submitted. We will compensate travel expenses for journeys by car up to a maximum of € 300 with an allowance of € 0.30 per kilometer traveled. You will have to use public transportation (RMV) to get from the airport/railway station to the award ceremony. The Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences will reimburse the costs for trips by taxi in exceptional cases if you received a prior written approval by us before your trip and once you submitted the original travel receipt afterwards.

Consent to the assignment of rights:

By submitting your video, you confirm that you possess all rights concerning the video, and that the submitted video is free of any rights of third parties (this particularly applies to possibly used music) and in case of the depiction of people that no privacy rights are infringed. Should there be people visible on the submitted video, the relevant person must agree to its publication.

Furthermore, you agree to transfer the exclusive, irrevocable, transferrable right of use, which is unlimited in terms of time, space, quantity and content, free of charge to the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences for all known types of application or those which may become known in the future for the purposes of exhibition and publication.

The right of use, which may also be exercised by third parties, includes in particular the right to complete or partial duplication, distribution, adaptation, change and worldwide publication of your video.

The extent and type of publication will be determined by the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. No further consent is required for the complete or partial exercise of these rights. There shall be no claim to the publication of the submitted video by the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

There is no right to appeal.

The conditions of participation are published in German and in English. The German version of the conditions of participation applies in case of doubt.

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