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  1. Commemorative publication


    Historical developments and current challenges in aviation Civil aviation is subject to constant change which equally affects airlines, airports, and air traffic control. Seven articles depict the wide spectrum of current challenges and historical developments of the system partners in aviation. The articles range from the airport business model, the changes and challenges of air freight, and aviation sales to the modern remote tower concepts being used in air traffic control. This...

  2. Excursions


    Excursions of the Aviation Management program (B.A.) Freight excursion to the Frankfurt Airport on June 17, 2019 In the second semester, students visited Cargo City South at the Frankfurt Airport as part of their Aviation Industry course. The meeting point was the freight hall of the Luftfracht Umschlag GmbH. But how to get there? Fortunately, our Fraport friends were able to show us the way, because finding your way around the airport with the...

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