Information for prospective students of Mechanical Engineering (B.Eng.)

Studying with practical orientation

The degree course prepares you for the demanding engineering tasks in the industrial practice, as well as for a master's degree.

You will attain extensive fundamental knowledge and can choose from several specializations in the broadly structured mechanical engineering degree course.

The degree course mechanical engineering is an open admission degree course, this means that you do not have to apply for the first semester, but you simply come to enroll with the required documents to our Admissions Office. 


Should you be interested in changing your degree course to mechanical engineering, you can find a relevant document here

Please contact the degree course coordinator, if you have any further questions, require more information or if you would like to receive personal advice. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Dominico

We currently do not accept applications.

The enrollment was possible until the beginning of the lecture period.


Program Mechanical Engineering
B. Eng.
Terms 6 semesters, full- time
ECTS-Credit Points 180
Program start Winter semester
Application deadlines until the beginning of the lectures
Languages German
Admission requirement Pre-study internship 13 weeks, of which 8 need to have been completed prior to enrollment

This degree course was accredited till September 30, 2027.

Course catalogue

Modularization during studies means a structure of the courses in which the courses such as lectures, exercises, practical experiences, excursions or seminars are combined to topical units, the so-called modules.  

You can find  an overview of the modules, which shows all the modules of each semester for the entire course of studies in order to provide you with an idea of what to expect.


Core electives

Here you can find the obligatory modules of the faculty. The abbreviations behind the modules will tell you for which degree courses the modules can be elected.

Admission requirements

The enrollment can take place until the beginning of the lectures.

Access the academic calendar.

The degree course is not admission restricted.

Pre-study internship required! Internship of 13 weeks duration. 8 weeks must have been completed prior to the beginning of studies. The applicant must submit a document stating that the internship or training will be completed prior to the beginning of the semester issued by the company where the internship took place as part of the documents required for the study place allocation. All professions in the field of metals processing (except for precision mechanic professions and similar occupations) technical drawers (completed training) are recognized. Further information can be found here.


It is fact known to everyone that cars have something to do with mechanical engineering. But mechanical engineering is more than that and a lot would not work in this high-tech era without mechanical engineering. Machines and plants play a major role in almost every field - whether it is the planning and the building of printing machines, the development of dentist chair or the manufacture of coffee machines - mechanical engineers are responsible for their production. You work in many different areas of mechanical engineering as a graduate for instance as developer of electrical engines in the automotive field, as an engineer in the consumer goods sector, as a designer of large production plants or as a calculation engineer in the simulation field, just to mention a few. As you can see, the professional prospects are manifold and the chances of employment are excellent with currently almost four job openings for every engineer seeking work.

Course of studies

A higher education entrance qualification, as well as sufficient knowledge of the German and English language are prerequisites for this degree course. Skills in math and physics can be brushed up upon in a preparatory course. A 13-week long internship is to be proven prior to the beginning of the studies.

You will receive the academic degree 'Bachelor of Engineering' after six semesters of studies and a successfully passed final thesis with colloquium.

Sabine Heimann-TrosienLehreinheitsreferentin der Maschinenbau-Studiengänge
Building 7, Room 201
Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Stefan Dominico
Head of degree course: Mechanical Engineering (B. Eng.) and Spanish-German Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
Building 7, Room 202
Ute Cocker
Building 1, Room 212
Fax : +49 69 1533-3260
Eren Cigdem Kartalkaya
Building 1, Room 212
Fax : +49 69 1533-3260

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