Application for the preparatory college

Below you can find all information on application for the preparatory college.


On the following page you will find information about:

  • Admission criteria for university entrance
  • Certifications and translations
  • Special requirements of certain countries

For all Bachelor degree courses German language skills are required. Under the following link you will find the individual language requirements and our offer for German preparatory courses:

German language skills and registration for preparatory courses.

  • May 1st for the admission test in June
  • November 15th for the admission test in January


Maßgeblich ist der Tag des Eingangs bei uni-assist e.V., nicht das Datum des Poststempels. Anträge, die nicht bis zum oben genannten Termin mit allen erforderlichen Unterlagen form- und fristgerecht eingegangen sind, werden nicht bearbeitet! Achtung: Fällt dieser Tag auf einen Samstag oder Sonntag, verlängert sich diese Frist nach § 31 des Hessischen Verwaltungsverfahrensgesetzes nicht bis zum nächsten Werktag.

Access to the preparatory college

Please use the application portal My assist from uni-assist for your application.

After you have chosen your desired course of study, answer the required additional questions and submit your application electronically. The preliminary evaluation of your certificates is subject to a fee. The payment has to be done directly at time of submission of the application.

Note: Please apply only for one course of study! If you apply for more courses with different core subjects, only the first course of study will be considered.

After successful submission of your online application you have to send the required documents via post to uni-assist.

Please note that all certificates have to be submitted in certified copies and sworn translation!

Required documents for the application for admission:

  • Copy of passport
  • Full school leaving certificate, including subjects studied and grades received, as well as all pages that include text
  • University entrance examination from home country, if applicable
  • Transcripts including subjects studied and grades received from home country
  • Certificate of German language skills
  • Tabular curriulum vitae with all school and study times up to the time of application
  • APS certificate, only from China and Vietnam
  • For some countries additional documents may be submitted aditionally if necessary

Please submit only these documents which are required for the application. All other documents that are not asked for in the application form and that are not admission requirements for the desired course of study, e.g. photos, module guides, job references, police clearance certificates, transparent pockets, folders, etc. are not neccessary, take time and money, complicate the process for uni-assist and us and will not improve your chances for admission.

At time of registration – or when you choose a course of study which takes part at the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV) at the latest – you have to enter a BID (Bewerber-ID) and a BAN (Bewerber-Authentifizierungs-Nummer). In that case please register at first.

The registration at hochschulstart is only neccessary for restricted-admission (NC) courses of study. You can see whether your desired course of study is an admission-restricted course on the respective course page and in the overview of our study programs.

Note: Please do not apply via additionally! The application is made exclusively via uni-assist.


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