Information about the application

Below we inform you on general information for the application.


Like in your home country, only certain education levels enable you to study at an institution of higher education. uni-assist checks beforehand whether or not you are entitled to study at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences for a fee.

The criteria are uniformly set in Germany and are based on the provisions of the Central Office for Foreign Education in Bonn, as well as the Ministry for Science and Art of Hesse, which is authorized to issue instructions with respect to admission matters. You can check whether you are entitled to study in Germany under

Should you have been enrolled despite the provisions, via the assessment of home certificates, and the admission matters at a different institution of higher education, you are protected of legitimate expectations at the other institution. Every institution of higher education decides itself about admissions.

Certificates of higher education entrance qualifications that entitle you to study in your home country (i.e. Abitur, Baccalauréat, School leaving certificate, general certificate of education etc.) must be presented in the original language including the relevant list with an individual transcript of record. If these certificates are not issued in German or English, officially certified copies of the certificates in the original language, as well as additionally certified copies (copies of) translations into German (or English).

The following institutions may certify documents: municipal authorities, district authorities and lower administrative authorities (i.e. town and municipal councils, city authorities, city halls, district authorities); additionally courts and notaries. 

Problems may occur in case of foreign certificates. Contact in this case your consulate or the embassy of your country.

Official certifications may  not be issued by the following: salvation army, church institutions (i.e. parish offices, interpreters, health insurance companies, banks, saving banks, clubs, the General Students' Committee and others, even if the certification approval was issued in a different federal state. Schools, federal study colleges or universities may only certify their own issued certificates. 

The following institutions are entitled to issue official certifications abroad: The diplomatic representation of the Federal Republic of Germany and the respective authorities and notaries entitled to issue certifications in the respective country.

Certificates and diplomas issued in the English language do not need to be translated.

The translation of diplomas must take place at an official site, i.e. the issuing institution or by a certified translator. If you received for instance a report from your institution of higher education, it is possible to have this document issued by the institution of higher education in various languages.


Certain requirements apply to students from Iran, Indonesia, China or Vietnam. Please consider the country-specific information provided below.


Certificate of the Academic Evaluation Centre (APS) in Beijing. Further information can be found on the website of the German embassy Beijing.


Indonesian applicants must include their secondary school leaving certificate with proof of authenticity in their application.


Iranian applicants must include the proof of passing the inter-university higher education entrance examination with a report card in the original language and a certified translation into the German language in the application. You cannot study without this university entrance examination at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences since March 2001. The university entrance examinations for the free Islamic universities are not accepted.


Certificate of the Academic Evaluation Centre (APS) in Hanoi. Further information can be found on the website of the German embassy Hanoi.


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