International Staff Week 2020

Staff Week "Risk Assessment and Security Management in HIE Mobility"

30. March 2020 – 03. April 2020



We invite university personnel working in areas related to international student and staff mobility (first and foremost International Offices, but also fields such as security management, QA &QM, occupational and workplace safety etc.). The contents of the week are mainly aimed at staff who are new to the field and have little or no previous experience. However, participants with previous experience also have and will enjoy being part of this format.

In the course of this week, we will

(a) be looking at established concepts of risk assessment and security management and identify best-practice examples from within and outside the higher education sector,

(b) carry out various exercises on communication, risk assessment and decision making,

(c) engage in a full-day crisis response exercise in the context of HIE mobility and

(d) evaluate the exercise and explore options of applying our results at our home institutions.

Our external partners include the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ), the German Armed Forces and private security providers.

They will be sharing their insights and best-practice examples in the areas of international deployments, travel safety, medical and hygienic precautions, risk mitigation and crisis response.

The learning outcomes of this week are to familiarize ourselves with existing concepts and methods of risk assessment, mitigation and response, experience a crisis situation first-hand (especially if participants have never been part of such an exercise) and evaluate and reflect upon our responses.

Participants are asked to very actively involve themselves in the staff week and work together in teams with their fellow participants. Therefore, a solid working command of English is required!

Due to the nature of the exercises in this event we strictly have to limit the number of participants to 20.

The participation fee of this The Staff Week is 150 EUR (100 EUR for participants from partner institutions) which includes lunches and refreshments. Attendees are expected to pay for accommodation and travel expenses themselves. Erasmus+ STT funds can be used to subsidize participation in our Staff Week.

Please check our website to where we will post updated information and where you will find our registration page - if you have any additional questions for the time being, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at staffweek(at)

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Frankfurt this spring!

If you have any questions on our Staff Week don't hesitate to contact us via staffweek(at)


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