• Get to know leadership theories
  • Apply team leading strategies
  • Perform a personal reflection on current and future development
  • Internalize the importance of a strategic media appearance
  • Choose appropriate research methods
  • Implement statistical models and formulae to support the decision making process
  • Plan and monitor projects by evaluating the trade-off between scope, cost, quality and time
  • Apply project management methods and tools
  • Develop strategic options for tourism enterprises with international business activities
  • Analyze international trends and data on tourism demand
  • Make use of cultural differences to enhance team spirit
  • Develop and implement an innovation and technology strategy
  • Application of strategic concepts and instruments
  • Identification of relevant business influences and future trends
  • Performing an analysis to define strategic position 
  • Development of competitive strategies to verify business model
  • Understand the safety management system (SMS) idea and process
  • Apply ICAO safety management requirements
  • Evaluate and introduce SMS concepts
  • Assess risks and apply risk management principles
  • Apply strategic marketing & sales theories
  • Develop a strategic marketing plan for innovative products, services and business models in a B2B and B2C environment
  • Use information systems to forecast trends and support decision making by collecting and analyzing data
  • Design and build the customer value
  • Recognize components of operations management
  • Explore different demand forecast methods
  • Execute techniques to improve operations
  • Classify and optimize supply chain management processes
  • Apply appropriate consulting approaches on real cases
  • Simulate methods of problem solving in the business planning and decision making process
  • Asses and develop research objectives, methodology and research questions
  • Perform a research project
  • Recognize the complexity of the tourism product development and E-Business
  • Analyse and optimize strategic positioning of destinations
  • Execute competition analysis
  • Value advantages of the Business-Travel and MICE
  • Field trip to Brussels
  • Develop a lobbying strategy and use lobbying instruments effectively
  • Know and understand the fundamental principles of international aviation law
  • Consider legal framework for all strategic decisions
  • Behave professionally in different leadership situations
  • Internalize the impact of labor law
  • Maintain Work-Life-Balance, get a career coaching, use MBTI®
  • Assess chances and risks of social networking
  • Apply the instruments of finance and management accounting
  • Understand the functions of planning, coordinating and control within a company
  • Apply cost management, financial ratios and forms of budgeting
  • Use corporate finance theories to analyze business
  • Apply spatial economics and regional structures in the context of aviation and tourism
  • Realize impact of the industry on the environment
  • Comprehend sustainability management
  • Plan infrastructure sustainably
  • Identify  future trends in the ATC and airport environment
  • Understand the fight for sustainability in an industry, equally challenged by regulation and deregulation
  • Develop a strategic action plan to resolve strategic problems
  • Analyze, evaluate and optimize processes between travel management companies, service providers and enterprises
  • Apply scientific methods
  • Demonstrate ability to solve problems
  • Perform a study in an unknown field in the given period of time
  • Deepen knowledge in one particular field
  • Perform a self-critical analysis
  • Practice conflict management, moderation techniques, verbal and non-verbal communication and  conversation techniques
  • Execute learning techniques, time management and presentation techniques
  • Introduce innovation, plan and implementing change processes by apply networked thinking

* Applicants with an academic degree of less than 210 credits will be required to complete this module.

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