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All good things come in threes:

  1. Please check the subject-specific requirements
  2. Succeed in the study ability test
    1. Registration
    2. Partcipation
  3. Apply for a spot in the study program

The allocation of places in a admission required study program will be evaluated based on a selection procedure, which will be calculated with 60% of the bachelor grade and 40% of the study ability test.

You can only be permitted for the master’s program Global Logistics if you:

  1. have successfully completed a bachelor’s degree in Logistics, Foreign Trade, Production or Supply Chain Management with the standard duration of six semesters with a minimum of 180 credit points or have a degree that fulfils the academic requirements stated in number 2.
  2. The completed degree must include proof of knowledge and application competence in at least one of the following areas:
    1. Logistics and/or
    2. Foreign Trade and/or
    3. Production and/or
    4. Supply Chain Management and/or
    5. Mobility
  3. This knowledge and competence are considered verified when a student gained a minimum of 30 credit points in modules of the degree majoring in one of the previously mentioned fields. Such modules also include mandatory internships or bachelor’s thesis completed during the course of studies.
  4. Application requires verification of language skills on C1 level recognized by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF).

Details are managed by the examination regulations. These are binding. The contents of the examination regulations are presented here in an abbreviated form.

In order to determine if you are a suitable candidate you need to take an online aptitude test. The test provides insight into applicant’s academic disposition. It also determines applicant’s professional qualification via online test in English with duration of 60 minutes based on subject-specific questions from the areas

  • Corporate Logistics
  • Logistics’ information systems
  • Application of project management methods based on complex Supply Chain problems

Applicants will receive a certificate listing the results of the test and the final grade (with one position after the decimal point).

The online aptitude test is passed with a minimum grade of 4,0 (sufficient).

The participants state in written form that the online aptitude test was completed independently and without use of unauthorized materials. This written statement must be submitted with enrollment.

Once you have passed the test it cannot be taken again. If the test has not been passed it can be taken again at the earliest next calendar year.

The online aptitude test is conducted three times per calendar year, on June 19th, July 12th and July 15th and, upon request to the examination board, it can be taken by the applicant also at the university facilities.

Participation in the online aptitude test requires registration until June 18th (for the test on June 19th), July 11th (for the test on July 12th) and July 14th (for the test on July 15th).

Registration for the aptitude test is completed via this website.

Following rules apply to online aptitude test:

  1. The applicant registers for the test here.
  2. The applicants receives a link (encoded) for the enrollment at the university’s online platform Moodle.
  3. The applicant enrolls on Moodle with his or her e-mail address given during registration.
  4. The Examination Board manually assigns the applicant to the Moodle course.
  5. The Moodle course is unlocked for testing on the aptitude test dates from 8 am to 11 pm. The applicant can begin the test autonomously. The test lasts 60 minutes and is automatically terminated after expiration of the allowed testing time.
  6. The applicant receives a form where he has to assure in writing that the online aptitude test was completed independently and without use of unauthorized materials. This form must be submitted with enrollment in case of acceptance to the university (§8 Section 7).
  7. The participant receives the results of the online aptitude test according to §8 Section 5.
  8. Applicant’s test results are taken into account as part of the selection procedure of the admission process.
  9. In case of software and/or hardware failure during the online test, the latter is considered as not completed. The online test can be taken again on the dates mentioned in §8 Section 9. An alternate date is offered only if failure lies in the university’s responsibility.

The paragraphs mentioned above refer to the admission statute.

You have to apply to the university program simultaneously to the online aptitude test until July 15th.

Please use this Link.

English language skills must be proved as follows:

§2 (3) of the examination regulations: in addition to the requirements mentioned in Sections 1 and 2, application requires sufficient English language skills. The minimum level is C1 based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF). It must be validated with a respective language certificate. Acceptable language certificates are such listed by the CEF.

Proof of English language skills in form of language certificate may be omitted if:

  • applicant has completed a degree where he has gathered at least 45 credit points in modules conducted in English, or
  • applicant has graduated a general education school which allows for an admission to higher education where he has completed five years of English lessons. The final grade or the average grade of the last two years of English advanced course has to be equivalent either to a German grade 2 (good) or to at least 11 credit points. The basic course grade has to be equivalent to a German grade 1 (excellent) or to a minimum of 13 credit points.

Instead of bachelor’s degree diploma you need to present a statement from your examination board notifying that you will, in all likehood, complete your course of studies this semester and have already gained at least 80% of credit points required by the study program. Likewise, you have to indicate the average grade that is mandatory for the whole admission process. For more information please contact the student office.

The program Global Logistics covers 90 credit points. 300 credit points are needed for the master’s degree.

Students with a bachelor’s degree who have < 210 credit points can be excepted on condition that the module „Praxistransferprojekt“ (practice transfer project) will be completed successfully. Students with ≥ 210 credit points do not have to take this module.

The module has to be completed successfully before registration for master’s thesis.

The module can only be started after establishing contact with the program director, therefore, no other related activities can be considered equivalent to the course.


  • Study abroad with 30 credit points
  • Mandatory internship with examination type „Project report in form of a written paper (preparation time 16 weeks) and a verbal presentation (minimum of 20 and maximum of 45 minutes)”
  • Independent scientific paper with examination type „Project report in form of a written paper (preparation time 16 weeks) and a verbal presentation (minimum of 20 and maximum of 45 minutes)

Module is graded „passed“ or „failed“. Evaluation follows faculty’s „Guidelines for Exam Evaluation “.

Nature and size of the project report are reflected in faculty’s „Guidelines for Exam Evaluation“ as well as modifications of the program director.


  • the requested expertise in logistics etc (30 ECTS) can only be achieved in a Bachelor or Master program. Professional / work experience does not count.
  • please do not send CV, bachelor degree etc. to the university. applicants with a Non-German Bachelor-Degree have to apply via Uni-Assist and upload their documents there.
  • as Uni-Assist needs up to eight weeks to check the documents, we strongly recommend uploading the documents as early as possible (May).
  • the application period ends at July 15th for winter term (lectures start mid-October). The new application period starts approx. May 1st.
  • we do not ask for a letter of motivation. The selection for our new students just consist of the result of the Bachelor degree (60 %) and the result of the student aptitude test 40 %).


All information on this page is presented to the best of our knowledge. In case of discrepancy with information presented on this page, relevant published examination regulations, statutes and other rules in their currently valid version apply.

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