Career Development Service

What can I do after I have obtained my degree?
How will I find an internship or a job that suits me?
How do I prepare a successful application?

So many options … we will help you find orientation and to find out how to plan your personal and professional future so that you can make the decisions that are right for you!

Our services for students who want to apply for internships or who are close to getting their degree and want to plan their next steps:

  • Individual counseling on how to develop your career goals
  • Reviewing your résumé and references as well as employment tips
  • Coaching on how to present yourself to potential employers
  • Simulation of a job interview with subsequent feedback
  • Support for career decisions
  • Counseling if problems occur on your way to your first job
  • Counseling and information about the German job market and its specific requirements, such as job applications

Contact us for an initial appointment:

Since Rihab Dubau has worked in the human resources sector and related sectors for many years, she is an expert in the field of career development. She loves to help people develop their skills and reach their goals!


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