Student Counseling Service for international students

We are here to help you if you are struggling. Adjusting to a new country, culture, and academic system can be both exciting and difficult. Transitions can be especially challenging when you are far away from people who usually support you. The student Counseling Service provides confidential, short term, individual counseling in relation to those issues impacting on your ability to study.


For example:

  • Dealing with major differences in the educational system
  • Doubts as to whether you have made the right choice of study
  • Thoughts of switching programs or giving up your studies
  • Anxiety over diminished motivation, anxiety of failure, dealing with exam stress
  • Planning problems, procrastination
  • Disagreement or conflict with your fellow students or professors
  • Dealing with dilemmas or making difficult decisions or choices
  • Issues concerning self-esteem, assertiveness, self confidence
  • Family or relationship problems
  • Transitioning from one country to another, dealing with cultural issues, making new friends
  • Conflicts between values at home and in Germany
  • Dealing with loneliness or homesickness
  • Not wanting to go home
  • Dealing with bereavement and grief
  • General questions and concerns about living in Germany and everyday matters

If you experience any of the above or other issues or concerns you want to talk about, one-to-one counseling sessions may help you. Sometimes you may not have any idea what the problem is but just have a sense that something isn’t right. The Counseling Service is there for you whatever your situation.

Counseling is designed to be a safe environment where you can be as frank as you want to be about what you are facing. It gives you the opportunity to talk, listen and express yourself without being judged. We don’t share the details of your sessions – or even the fact you are in counseling - with anyone else. Student Counseling Service takes every reasonable precaution to strictly protect the privacy of clients.

The student counselor is very accessible and easy to approach. Individual counseling sessions by appointment - just send an e-mail with your request. Together, we will examine your current situation, identify practical solutions and ways to move forward.

Your Student Counselor

Rihab Dubau is a licensed social worker and organizational psychologist with extensive experience counseling individuals in diverse fields of work. She has a passion for helping people work through the challenges of their lives, grow as individuals and accomplish their goals.


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