Studying with an impairment, disability, chronic or psychological disease at the Frankfurt UAS

Studying with a disability, an impairment, a chronic or psychological disease often requires an increased level of information, organization and time.

Our offer is intended for prospective students, first-year students and students who seek consultation and support in the design, organization, and implementation of their studies.

It is our goal to facilitate a successful course of studies and achievement of a university degree for every student of the Frankfurt UAS.

Remarks about the accessibility

Overview of all buildings at the campus, including barrier-free entrances and elevators

Arrival with public transportation

We offer information and counseling

  • if interested in studying
  • for first-year students
  • during the course of studies
  • about assistance support
  • about compensation for disadvantages
  • in questions about planning and organizing studies

Information for first-year students

Please contact us prior to the start of the lectures so that we are able to provide you with a barrier-free participation in seminars, events, excursion etc.


Tips and tricks to apply for entitlement to benefits

Contact us at an early point in time, so that we can provide you with the necessary support (i.e. assistance) right from the start. The relevant Social Welfare Office (first place of residence) accepts applications for financing the integration assistance. The processing period may take up to 3 months and longer. We therefore recommend submitting the applications right after the enrollment.

Here you can find information on the documents, which you generally need to submit along with the application.

Compensations for disadvantages at the Frankfurt UAS

As a student with impairments, disabilities, chronic or psychological diseases, you may submit claims for compensations of disadvantages (particularly in examinations). General information about the compensations for disadvantages of the Deutsches Studentenwerk can be found here.

The regulations at the Frankfurt UAS apply as follows: You submit an application for compensation of disadvantages with the examination board of the respective degree course. The application is to be informal or via an application form. Each examination board regulates it itself.

Here are the links to the examination offices of the four faculties:

Here is the application form of Faculty 3 and the application form of Faculty 4. Students of Faculty 1 and 2 need to submit an informal letter to the examination board of their faculty.

Fill out the application form and send it via email to the respective examination board of the degree course, in which you study.

We are here to support you should you require help.

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