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High Integrity Systems
Master of Science (M. Sc.)

4 Semester, Vollzeit

ECTS-Credit Points

Sommer- und Wintersemester

Sommersemester: 15. April,
Wintersemester: 15. September
(Ausländische Studienabschlüsse: 15. April)


ASIIN e.V. bis 30.9.2019

High Integrity Systems (M. Sc.)

High-Integrity systems are complex, software controlled systems. They protect humans, the environment, organizations and society. They can be divided into two fields of applications:

  • Safety Critical Systems (SCS) have a direct influence on the life and health of humans and the environment. They are used in all industrial areas, e. g. aerospace, automotive, railway and marine systems, power generation, medical technology, SCADA and others.
  • Mission Critical Systems (MCS) possess a high criticality with respect to the functioning of an organization, e. g. ERP, CRM, and others.

A Master‘s degree in High Integrity Systems gives access to a wide range of professional opportunities in different application areas of Computer Science. The development of software and IT-services for High Integrity Systems is vitally important for all industries, and also in administrative applications, banking and finance systems.

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