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  1. Barrier-free Systems


    Barrier-free Systems One decade of BaSys 10+ The interdisciplinary Master's programme Barrier-free Systems (BaSys) offered at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences comprises three specialist areas, Planning and Construction, Intelligent Systems, and Case Management. The interdisciplinary approaches must develop sustainable solution models in order to counter demographic, socio-political and economic change in our society.     ...

  2. Barrier-free Systems (M.Sc.)


    BaSys – Barrier-free Systems (M.Sc.) Interdisciplinary + future orientated Barrier-free systems intend to enable all people, regardless of age and capacity limitations, to live independent and self-reliant lives. They respond to a changing society. Navigation BaSys-Faculty 1 for prospective students BaSys-Faculty 2 for prospective students BaSys-Faculty 4 for prospective students For students of...

  3. For students of Barrier free systems (M.Sc.)


    Information for students of barrier-free systems (M.Sc.) Students of barrier-free systems can find important information about the course of study and for instance the examination regulations on this page. Navigation Barrier-free Systems (M.Sc.) BaSys-Faculty 1 for prospective students ID-Faculty 2 for prospective students BaSys-Faculty 4 for prospective students ...

  4. BaSys-Faculty 1 for prospective students


    Information for prospective students of BaSys – Planning and building (M.Sc.) In the specialty "Inclusive Architecture" concepts for barrier-free apartments, apartment institutions, buildings for work, education, health, culture and leisure time. Navigation Barrier-free Systems (M.Sc.) BaSys-Faculty 2 for prospective students BaSys-Faculty 4 for prospective students For...

  5. Citavi


    Citavi Reference management with Citavi Citavi Introductory courses Citavi tutorials in Moodle Support What is Citavi? Citavi is a Windows-based reference management software. It supports students and faculty in all stages of their research and assists in the process of writing a scientific article, book, or term paper. The full-featured version of Citavi is available by funding of the library...

  6. BaSys-Faculty 4 for prospective students


    Information for prospective students of BaSys - Case Management (M.Sc.) During the professional specialization in the field digital health and case management, the students will be able to take on qualified tasks, in which complex care processes are to be independently controlled and coordinated. Students shall be enabled to allow people to live a possibly self-determined and independent life who are in need of assistance or who...

  7. Sociological Approaches


    Research Focus Sociological Approaches Urban and Regional Sociology social structure habitation municipal development planning Prof. Dr. Therese Neuer-Miebach Barrier-free and Sustainable Planning and Construction Interdisciplinary approaches to the development of sustainable solution models in the field of barrier-free architecture and universal design. Development of new structural, inclusive systems to meet the progressive demographic, socio-political and...

  8. Learn languages online


    Interesting and useful links revolving around language learning Find an always updated overview of useful tools which will support you while learning languages. Next to portals, which will facilitate your search for language partnerships, you can also find information and remarks about the most common language tests. Online dictionaries LANGENSCHEIDT – This offer can be taken advantage off free of charge in the frame of the higher education...

  9. Caroline Günther


    Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Caroline Günther This content is only provided in German  for the time being. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Prof. Dr. Caroline Günther Head of degree course: Barrier-free Systems: Planning and Building (M. Sc.) Building 1, Room 510 Phone : +49 69 1533-2765 Fax : +49 69 1533-2761 caroline.guenther@fb1.fra-uas.de ...

  10. Study offers


    Range of studies at Faculty 1 Bachelor degree courses Architecture (B.A.) Training in all sections of architecture. Architecture (B.A.) Civil Engineering (B.Eng.) Practice-oriented engineering education in planning, measuring and constructing. Civil Engineering (B.Eng.) ...

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