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PhD Studies at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences


Until recently, Hessian universities of applied sciences (Hochschulen für Angewandte Wissenschaften / “Fachhochschulen”) were generally not allowed to award doctorates themselves; the law required a cooperation with a traditional university. Consequently, Frankfurt UAS PhD students were (and in many cases still are) subject to the partner university’s rules and regulations when undertaking their doctoral studies. However, after the Hessian Higher Education Act was revised several years ago, certain research-focused disciplines at universities of applied sciences can now apply for the permission to establish a PhD center with the right to award doctorates in the federal state of Hesse. The first such centers have been approved and established in the meantime. Frankfurt UAS currently participates in PhD centers covering the following subjects: Social Work, Applied Computer Science, and Mobility and Logistics.

Initiating PhD Studies at Frankfurt UAS

Researchers interested in pursuing a doctoral degree at or in collaboration with Frankfurt UAS and under the supervision of Frankfurt UAS professors, respectively, are required to contact potential supervisors directly, i.e., they have to identify professors whose research matches their interests (e.g., by checking our websites) and then ask them to collaborate on a doctoral project. In some cases, it may alternatively be possible to find a PhD project by searching our website for job ads regarding qualification positions.

Please note: It is not possible to enroll centrally in a PhD program at Frankfurt UAS, and one cannot start a PhD at one of our PhD centers or in cooperation with a partner university without securing a supervision agreement with one of our professors first. Please check whether the research topic you are interested in is actually represented at our university before asking Frankfurt UAS professors for support.

Financing a PhD

Many of Frankfurt UAS' PhD students finance their project by working as a research fellow/assistant, some also by applying for a PhD scholarship. Frankfurt UAS itself does not currently offer long-term scholarships for PhD students, but there are of course many other programs one can apply to elsewhere. Vacant research assistant positions can often be found on our website (see above). In general, it is advisable to discuss funding options with a (potential) supervisor early on.

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