What are our tasks and goals?

The team of the Student Advisory Service informs and advises on all questions regarding the choice of a degree course and the course of studies itself. The advisory service always focuses on the issues and questions of the persons seeking advice and can be taken advantage of by students, pupils, professors and employees of the Frankfurt UAS.


Advisory focus: Technology

Faculty 1: Architecture • Civil Engineering • Geomatics | Faculty 2: Computer Science & Engineering

Open consultation hour: Tuesday 3 p.m. till 6 p.m. and Wednesday from 10 a.m. till 1 p.m.

Dipl.-Ing. Architektur M.A.
Natascha Hempel
Beratungsschwerpunkt Fb 1 und Fb 2
Building BCN, Room 832

Advisory focus: Business

Faculty 3: Business and Law

Open consultation hour: Tuesday 3 p.m. till 6 p.m. and Wednesday 10 a.m. till 1 p.m.

Dipl. Päd.
Sabrina Müller
Diplompädagogin, Programmkoordinatorin "Chancen bilden"
Building BCN, Room 829

Advisory focus: Social work

Faculty 4: Health and Social Work

Open consultation hour: Tuesdays from 3p.m. till 6 p.m. and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. till 1 p.m.

Psychotherapeutic Counseling

Open consultation hour:
Wednesday 10 a.m. till 1 p.m. and by appointment

Psychologin, M.Sc
Jannika Albrecht
Zentrale Studienberatung
Building BCN, Room 810

Coordination STEM-Offerings

Event management

Birgit Wirtz Veranstaltungsmanagement
Building BCN, Room 830

Information on the processing of your personal data

In order to contact members of the Frankfurt UAS (for instance via email) personal data (name, given name, email address, phone number etc.) are stored in case there are issues that require attention at a later point in time (see data privacy statement of the Frankfurt UAS). Should you want to object the usage of your personal data please send us a respective email.

§14 Higher Education Act of Hesse (HHG) – Student advisory service

1 The student advisory services are task of the institution of higher education.
2 It informs particularly about the study opportunities, content, structure and requirements of the studies; it shall provide individual guidance to stud nets and consider the different situations of women and men, as well as their special requirements of students with disabilities at institutions of higher education (general student advisory service).
3 The student advisory service supports students by providing expert counseling; it shall offer guidance and options in how the chosen degree course can be adequately completed and in a timely manner or what alternatives there are (degree course counseling).
4 The student advisory service attempts to elevate the share of women and men respectively in the subjects, where the other gender is low.
5 The closer and additional to the competences of the student advisory service and the degree course counseling personal care is provided through mentors and the respective processing of personal data, is regulated by the institution of higher education through statutes.

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