New open office hours

From now on, we offer office hours without appointment:

Monday - Thursday 9:30 am - 12:00 pm
additionally Wednesday afternoon 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Please bring your study chip and passport and wear a surgical or FFP2-mask.

For authentications of documents from Frankfurt UAS please book an appointment via the appointment booking tool.


Our Services

On our FAQ page you can get quick help on typical problems and frequently asked questions (only in German).

We are happy to help you with the following issues:

  • Application and admission (German degrees only)
  • Enrollment (matriculation documents)
  • Forms (leave of absence, part-time studies, exmatriculation, reimbursement of fees)
  • Authentication of certificates from Frankfurt UAS
  • Certificates (pension insurance, tax office, certificate of good standing, immigration authorities)
  • Information for prospective students, students and guest auditors
  • STUDY-CHIP, loss or defect or change of name
  • HIS: forgotten password
  • Re-registration/ Semester fees: rueckmeldung(at)
  • Certificate verification (German degrees only): zeugnis-check(at)
  • Certificates (study certificates, transcripts): Printout via the HIS portal


Please use this application if you have earned credits at a different institute of higher education or in a different degree course.

Please submit the application for academic leave until the beginning of lectures of the respective semester.

Did withdraw from your studies? Then we will reimburse the semester fee except for the administrative fee. Please use this application.

You are now enrolled and have previously acquired competences and skills outside higher education? You would like to have these competences and skills accredited?

You may find information about the process called "AAEK-Verfahren" here (German only). Please contact your examination office. You can find the contact information at the faculty's homepages.

Would you like to withdraw from the enrollment due to an important reason or would you like to be exmatriculated?


power of attorney

You have an appointment to pick up your STUDY CHIP or another document but you cannot come yourself? Then another person can pick up the STUDY CHIP or the document at the appointment you booked. That person will need:

  • the power of attorney you have filled out
  • a copy of your passport
  • her/his own passport

Please use the power of attorney above. In case other documents than the STUDY CHIP or the temporary ticket for public transportation will be picked up please provide precise information.


Office hours

Office hours without appointments

Monday - Thursday 9:30 am - 12:00 am
additionally Wednesday afternoon 1 pm -3 pm

Please bring your Study Chip or passport and wear a mask.

For authentications of documents from Frankfurt UAS please book an appointment via the appointment booking tool.

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Postal address

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
Student Support and Services (StuPort)
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Visitor address

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
Nibelungenplatz 1
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First floor
Rooms 23 to 26


Witte, Jutta – Head of department (room 26)
Balzer, Yvonne (room 23)
Danek, Bettina (room 114)
Faye, Eléna (room 25)
Fedderies, Isolde (room 24)
Heidrich, Karin (room 26)
Junge, Larissa (room 25)
Karg, Janine (room 25)
Link, Beate (room 24)
Lotz, Gudrun (room 127)
Meyer, Sabine (room 25)
Oyntzen, Bernarda (room 23)
Schwieger, Ferdinand (room 26)
Siarava, Niki (room 24)
Stoffers, Hannah (room 24)
Weber, Severine (room 23)

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