Get to know our campus!

With our new interactive campus tour, you can explore our grounds and buildings - outside and inside.

On this page you can go directly "on campus". Below you can select the different buildings directly, but they are also accessible via the tour.

The campus area

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Frankfurt UAS Campustour - The campus area

A look inside our buildings

How to use the tour


  • Click and drag: Move image
  • Scrolling with mouse wheel or touchpad: Zoom


  • Arrow keys or WASD: Move image
  • Shift: Zoom in
  • CTRL: Zoom out
  • Touch and drag: Move image
  • Pinch: Zoom

On most mobile devices, a compass button is displayed below the full screen button. This allows you to turn motion controls on and off and rotate and tilt the device to look around.

If the image on your phone looks distorted, zoom in a little to improve the viewing angle.

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