This area contains essential information for those who come to Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences with a (restricted) university entrance qualification. To access this information, please switch to the German language.

You don't speak German yet? Visit the International Office to gather further information.

Applicants with a German higher education entrance qualification

Here you can find information about the application for Bachelor and Master degree courses, if you have attained your higher education entrance qualification in Germany (i.e. university of applied sciences entrance qualification or higher education entrance qualification - Abitur).


The enrollment

You must personally enroll/register prior to starting your studies at the Admissions Office. Every prospective student may enroll in our restriction-free Bachelor degree courses (first semester) from February 3, until April 14, if the admission requirements are met.


The registration

Overview of the documents required for the registration

Applicants with foreign credentials

Please go to International Office if you attained your higher education entrance qualification abroad, this also applies to Germans and EU nationals, as well as graduates of a preparatory college and applicants with an assessment certificate of a certificate recognition office.


Information for incoming students

You've made the decision to study for your Bachelor or Master degree at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences,
but you don't know how to proceed? Visit the International Office to gather further information!

Studying without a higher education entrance qualification

Professionals have the opportunity to be accepted to study without higher education entrance qualification.

Additional information is available in Germa only.

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