This is the place to study in the Frankfurt metropolitan region. Welcome to Frankfurt UAS

We offer a broad variety of practice-oriented degree programs that are of a high academic standard, opening the door to various attractive professions. Our international orientation paves the way to the global job market: we do offer a wide range of language courses and language learning levels and have partnerships with 200 universities worldwide. All of our students graduate with a Bachelor's or Master's degree, in conformity with international standards.

Our research foci are demographic change, renewable energies and mobility and logistics dealing with the challenging questions of the future. We are dealing with these questions in a solution-oriented manner and train our students to be able to answer these questions with creative contributions.

More than 15,000 students
from more than 100 nations
Four faculties
72 degree courses
310 lecturers, 650 employees, 63 institutes, scientific and research units
Approximately 200 partner universities
in 51 countries on six continents
Founding member of the consortium of institutions of higher education in European metropolitan regions
Strong research foci
Care, health and diversity; digitalization and information- / communication technologies; mobility and logistics

Four faculties, paving the path to your future!

Facilities and services

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