Online introduction – winter semester 2021/22

We would like to welcome you to our university!

You'll find a lot of useful information and To-Dos about your start of studies on this page.

Please check it regularly, as we continue to update it going forward.

Please be aware that some offerings and events may only be available in German.

Your introductory events may begin as soon as October 5.

They consist of a single- (for master programs) or a three-day (for bachelor programs) "tutor programs", where students in higher semesters inform you all about the beginning of a study program.

We strongly suggest that you take part in these programs!

You can read more on the page of the tutor program as well as on pages by your faculty.

Official online introduction events for all students are on October 18.

A "virtual info market" showcasing several university offerings for students, is also happening on October 18.

More details further down this page.

Introduction program by tutors beginning on October 5

Tutors in higher semesters are going to inform you with all the information you need to start strong into your study program.

We highly recommend that you take part in these events, to not miss any important information.

  • Introductory program for all bachelor programs take place on October 5+6 plus October 15 (3 days).
  • Introductory program for all master programs and the online programs of Faculty 2 take place on October 15 (1 day).
  • Introduction program for dual programs of Faculty 3 take place on October 18 and 19 (2 days).

You can read more details and the full program on this page (German only).

Official introduction and virtual info market on October 18

The presidium, the General Student Committee (AStA) and several other representatives of Frankfurt UAS would like you to welcome you via a livestream on Monday, October 18.

The student advisory service, language center, International Office, CampusSport and others are presenting their offerings, which you can participate in during your studies.

The livestream is hosted on YouTube, with a recording made available shortly afterwards on this page.

Our live program for the semester start

Program of the live introduction events

12:00 Welcome and introduction by Andrea Janssen, International Office
12:05 Welcome by the Vice President, Prof. Dr.-Ing. René Thiele
12:15 Welcome and introduction General Student Committee (AStA)
12:25 Further Welcome by Language Centre, Library, CampusSport and others
09:30 AM Introduction by the student advisory service
09:35 AM Introduction by the president of Frankfurt UAS, Prof. Dr. Frank E.P. Dievernich
09:45 AM Introduction by the General Student Committee (AStA)
10:00 AM "Move safe and secure on campus" by safety advisor Sebastian von Behren
10:15 AM "Study and gain practial experience abroad" by Ruth Conrads and Stephanie Porter, International Office
10:30 AM "Learn languages for life and studies" by Dr. Sabine Schmidt, Language Center
10:45 AM "The library - accessible everywhere, anytime" by Bernd Wagener, The Library
11:00 AM "Support for a good study start" by Natascha Hempel, STEPS

Faculty pages for new students

A lot of imporant and study program specific details about the semester start are available on the corresponding pages by your faculty.

We highly reccomend that you read through them.

In case you don't know in which faculty your study program is, you can find out here.

Welcome by the General Student Commitee (AStA), winter semester 2021/22

Obviously the General Student Committee (AStA) and Student Parliament (StuPa) you like you welcome you too.

You can watch a welcome and introduction in English on YouTube.

If you would like to meet the AStA live, be sure to watch the livestream on October 10.

You can already connect with fellow freshmen via these AStA social media groups:

  • For all freshmen: Facebook group (link tba.)
  • For all freshmen: Telegram group (link tba.)

You can also check the AStA website for further information. 

For the winter semester 2021/22, the AStA compiled a guide book (available in German and English) for students. It offers an overview of the services on campus. In this book, you'll find information about the relevant contacts, student bodies of the faculties, student initiatives, as well as political and cultural events.

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