Organization of studies

Information for first year students

This is a list of information and events that are of particular importance, particularly during the first weeks at the Frankfurt UAS.

Academic calendar and exam registration

A list of dates for the current semester, future semesters and past semesters is available here.

Information about exam registrations and can be found on this page.


Semester fees and student loans

This page entails all information about semester fees, such as for instance: amount and composition of the fees, reimbursement of fees as well as ideas with respect to student loans.

Leave of absence and part-time studies

Do you require a break or do you have to assume a share of family responsibilities? Information about the application for a leave of absence or part-time studies can be found on this page.

In case of assuming family responsibilities you may also use the offers of the Family office (German only).

Examination rules and legal resources

Our collection of examination rules (Amtliche Mitteilungen) and legal resources are available in German language only.



If you want to exmatriculate and leave the Frankfurt UAS, read here.

Career Center

This information is available in German only. Please switch to the German version of this page.


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