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  1. Student Support and Services


    Contacts in the department of Student Support and Services Head of department Ulrike Schmittner Abteilungsleitung StuPort Building 1, Room 119 Phone : +49 69 1533-3630 ulrike.schmittner@stuport.fra-uas.de Employees at the Student Services Center Student Services Center Building 1, Room ...

  2. Student Services Center


    Student Services Center Your contact for questions relating to your studies Our services Printout of transcript of records Provision and mailing of information and applications for the admissions and registration Provision and mailing of brochures of each degree course Leave of absence Exmatriculation Guest student Enrollment/registration Information for change of degree course and institute of higher...

  3. Leave of absence and part-time studies


    Leave of absence and part-time studies Do you require a break or do you have to assume a share of family responsibilities? Information about the application for a leave of absence or part-time studies can be found on this page. In case of assuming family responsibilities you may also use the offers of the Family office (German only). Leave of absence Requirements Students may apply for a leave of absence due to an important...

  4. Strategic Information Management (M.Sc.)


    Strategic Information Management (Master of Science) ITC squared. Information for prospective students Strategic Information Management (M.Sc.) The world of modern information and communication technologies The requirements in effectivity and efficiency of the use of ICT resources in companies are demanding since most business processes are already entirely processed by ICT. Is it your goal to plan,...

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