Residence permit for study preparations

People, who had until now a student preparation visa, can now change it for a residence permit with the intentions of: (a) visiting a language course or (b) attending a Studienkolleg.

Such a residence permit according to the §16b Residence Law will be granted, when evidence from the corresponding institutions (language school, Studienkolleg) is presented. If this evidence is not presented by the time the visa expires, a residence permit with the purpose of study preparations valid for 6 months will be issued. The necessary documents must be presented during this time.

It is important to know, that the law allows a maximum of two years in total for the preparation of studies. Applicants who, after attending a language school for six months, have to repeat the entrance test as well as one semester at the Studienkolleg, can have their residence permit revoked before beginning their studies. As the Immigration Office is very strict about the 2-year period, we recommend to applicants expecting to go to Studienkolleg to do as much language preparation as possible in their home country (e.g. at the Goethe-Institute). When in doubt, whether visiting the Studienkolleg is necessary with your certificates, please check with the International Office about this before entering the country.

Residence permit for study purposes

The studies preparations residence permit can be changed to a residence permit for studying as soon as your enrolment by the Frankfurt UAS has been determined. You will then receive a residence permit according to the §16b Residence Law for a specific field of study. Of course, this student residence permit is also granted to applicants who have enrolled as holders of a student visa. The residence permit contains important information on your course of study, on work possibilities in addition to your studies and, in individual cases, further information. It is usually issued for an initial period of two years.


International OfficeID: 9764
last updated on: 11.12.2021