The Learning Center at Frankfurt UAS

The self-learning center (SLZ) at Frankfurt UAS offers students quiet work rooms, group study rooms for collaborative work and places for informal conversations. We also offer targeted offers to support students in their learning. We want to make an important contribution to the academic success of our students!

Basic rules and information

There are 2 types of learning rooms:

Group study rooms: 102a, 103, 104, 105, 132

  • You can work and learn in groups and observe mask and distance rules.
  • You can participate and speak in Zoom meetings etc.
  • Please note other room rules that are posted on the door in the rooms.

 Silent work rooms: 121, 133

  • There are individual learning places that are separated from each other.
  • Any communication, including whispering, is not permitted!
  • Please note other room rules that are posted on the door in the rooms.

We lend out a large selection of items that can be used during the learning period in the SLZ, including:

  • Projector / media cart with projector
  • Multiple plug/extension cable for laptops and electrical devices
  • Calculators, presenters, etc.
  • Consumables, e.g. whiteboard pens, ruler, set square, compass, scissors

The Kostbar in the SLZ is only accessible during SLZ opening hours and can only be used by students and university members of the Frankfurt UAS to consume food

SLZ use only for FRA UAS students. Exceptions:

  • Students of cooperative study programs
  • STEPS participants

Reservations of rooms and seats are not possible, please come during SLZ opening times.

Removing or rearranging furniture is not permitted!

Hygiene rules in the SLZ

All university rules and measures apply in the SLZ, which can be read here: infection protection law

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