Prof. Claudia Lüling's Laboratory for Textile Lightweight Construction deals with technical textiles and their use in lightweight construction systems in architecture.
The work focuses on special three-dimensional textiles such as spacer textiles, which can be reinforced with foamed materials if required (FabricFoam®). In combination, tensile and compression-stable, insulated and lightweight construction elements are produced.

First results were presented in the context of several award-winning student seminar papers and in the context of subsequent research work:

  • Funded by the state of Hesse, investigations were carried out into the stabilization of textiles in combination with PU foams. An experimental pavilion realized in connection with the research activities was awarded several prizes and received one of the three Stuttgart Lightweight Building Prizes 2014 as well as the TechTex Award 2015 "Textile Structures for New Buildings", category microarchitecture.
  • As part of the research project "3dTEX - Textiles Leichtwandelement" (3dTEX - Textile Light Wall Element) and supported by the "Zukunft Bau" research initiative, initial investigations were carried out into lightweight, opaque wall elements made from specially manufactured and foamed spacer textiles.
    Here, single-layer textile lightweight wall elements were developed from foamed and plastically deformed spacer fabrics as well as three-layer, planar spacer fabrics with a foamed load-bearing and insulating layer and integrated rear ventilation level. In addition, research and experiments were carried out to replace PU foam with alternative inorganic, mineral or renewable or recyclable organic materials.
    A pavilion also realized in connection with the research project received the Innovation Award of the Campus Competition Award 2017 and recognition at the materialPREIS 2018.
  • Supported by the Innovation Fund Research funding line of the State of Hesse, the project "ReFaTex - Reversibly foldable, energetically effective 3D textiles in the construction sector" developed concepts for textile construction elements that are not only foldable, but also show novel movement strategies from the geometry of the spacer textiles and can also be produced in an insulated manner if required.

Further information can be found here (German)

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