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Dear first semester students,

In order to give you a good start to your studies, we would like to familiarize you with important events and information on this page. In addition, we would like to point out that the pages are subject to a dynamic process. Please check back regularly for updates.

Frau Prof. Dr.-Ing. Monika Horster, Dean
Herr Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Jean Heemskerk, Prodean
Herr Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerd Kehne, Dean of studies


Important first semester information

Dear Students,

we are pleased about welcoming you in a course of study at our faculty at the Frankfurt University. 

We wish you a good start and good luck! We are looking forward to you!

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Monika Horster                  Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Jean Heemskerk                            Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerd Kehne

Dekanin                                                     Prodekan                                                                  Studiendekan



At faculty 1, you are currently supported and accompanied in your studies by 60 professors, 90 lecturers from business, industry and practice and around 60 employees in the laboratories and administration. 

We currently offer 7 bachelor's and 9 master's degree programs in the fields of design, construction and operation.

An important part of teaching, research and practical exercises are the laboratories, workshops and other facilities. The concentrated research competence of the department is demonstrated in the Frankfurt Research Institute FFin for Architecture • Civil Engineering • Geomatics.

Dean's office - department management
Study program management - subject-related and content-related questions about the study program
Student secretariat - organization of studies and examinations
Examinations Office - all about examinations

See the Contacts page for more information.

4.1 Courses and timetable

On Tuesday, 13.04.2021, we will start teaching first semester students. 

We already have experience in "digital semesters", despite the restrictive situation we can rightly say that we were able to provide successful semesters for our students. This semester, in addition to the online events, we plan to offer a number of face-to-face events, provided the situation allows it. We anticipate that the first and third semesters in particular will receive a preference in this regard.

You can find your schedule by going to the website of your study program. There you will find the document for download. You can also find your timetable under my studies.  One more important piece of information about the timetable: The information contained there for the rooms is only informative for the current online teaching. The lecturers will inform you whether, when and how a classroom event can take place.


4.2 Moodle learning platform registration

In addition to the timetable, the study program directors would like to inform you about your courses and the introductions. This is done via the Moodle learning platform. For this purpose, it is important that you enroll promptly in the prepared e-learning courses at the address: http://moodle.frankfurt-university.de. There is a special course for each teaching unit or study program. 
Through your Moodle course, the study program directors responsible for you will contact you and give you information about your studies and the further procedure. In addition, you will also find information about the introduction of the study program management.

At https://moodle.frankfurt-university.de/login/index.php you can create your account and then log in to the corresponding course. You will receive the access data for your Moodle course with a personal cover letter. 


4.3 What do you need for your studies?

An important finding from the past semester is that you need a reliable digital infrastructure for your studies, i.e. a computer with a stable Internet connection.
During your studies you will work on mathematical tasks, write texts or create drawings, which you will then upload via the Internet. We recommend that you actively take care of your learning infrastructure at an early stage so that you can actively participate in (online-) learning right from the beginning of your studies. 


4.4 How does online teaching work

For our digital courses, we use the ZOOM system. In the run-up to courses, you will receive a URL, which you can establish a connection to a video conference in your WEB browser with. We meet digitally, but we want to see and hear you. Your correct real name is important to us. Please register in the respective online event with your first and last name and turn on your camera. Alternatively, you can use a profile picture. We would like to see you visibly involved in your studies.


4.5 How can you network with other students?

An appropriate infrastructure also facilitates contact with your fellow students. We think it is very important that you get in touch with each other. Exchange what you have learned, your questions and topics or just to chill out. Take advantage of the opportunities to make contact. Helpful to contact the student council of Faculty 1and the AStA . Here you can get information for a successful study and campus life. You can find the contact details on the website.


4.6 Is a scholarship of interest to you?

If you are interested in a scholarship, please check whether a scholarship for Germany would be suitable for you. You can find the relevant information here 


Further information on other scholarships or the Job-Portal can be found here:



4.7 Our request to you ...

Finally we have a favour to ask of you: please devote some minutes to the questionnaire „Einschreibebefragung“, because we are very much interested in why and how you have found the way to us. Thank you.

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Current regulations due to the Corona Pandemic can be found here: 

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All websites are subject to a dynamic process. Please visit these websites regularly. 

In order to use the IT infrastructure of Faculty 1, you need a special faculty ID in addition to your CIT account. Please proceed as follows:

Send an email from your newly created student university email address to adminfb1(at)fb1.fra-uas.remove-this.de. Use the subject "Erstsemester Account Fb1" and add a digital semester certificate as an attachment. 

The faculty IT unit will contact you at your university e-mail address and inform you about the setup, your access data and for our computers in the faculty computer network also. After the first login on, it is necessary to change your password. 

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