DAAD language certificate for the stay abroad

The Language Center can issue upon request for students of the Frankfurt UAS a language certificate for a stay abroad (DAAD language certificate). 

The DAAD language certificate is valid for two years from the date of issue.

Please note the following information with respect to the procedure:

  1. A language certificate is only issued to enrolled students of the Frankfurt UAS.
  2. Fill out this PDF form and send it with the subject line 'DAAD Sprachnachweis' to sek(at)fsz.fra-uas.remove-this.de. Once the application was received you will be sent a confirmation and information about the further steps.
  3. If you have completed a test in the respective language at the Frankfurt UAS in the past two years, the test result will be used for the language certificate. This also applies, if you completed one of the following examinations.
  4. If you have not yet completed a language course at the Language Center, you must complete a written and oral test at the Language Center.
    There are set dates for the written test in the Self-Access Center (Building 2, room 379 – each at 2 p.m.) of the Language Center. Date proposals will be listed in our letter of confirmation (see point 2). 
    The oral part takes place after an appointment was scheduled with a language instructor of the Language Center.
  5. The written and oral test (see point 4) and the subsequent issuance of the certificate are subject to a fee (25 Euros). You will receive further information after your registration (see point 2).

Please register with sufficient time for the issuance of the language certificate. The entire process will take up to two weeks after the registration.
The registration is binding once the payment of the fee was received. A refund is only possible with the submission of a doctor's note in case of sickness.

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Regina Reitz
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