3dTEX - Textile lightweight wall element

Within the research project “3dTEX - Textiles Leichtwandelement“ of the research initiative Zukunft Bau the suitability of specially produced spacer fabrics is being examined for the application as light, self-supporting wall elements in the building envelope.

Hereto different geometries for spacer fabrics are being developed and filling techniques are being tested.

The result is a one-layer textile lightweight wall elements made of foamed and plastic deformed spacer fabrics (see image above), as well as a two-layer and planar spacer fabrics, which once foamed offers a bearing and insulating layer and further an integrated ventilation layer.

To improve recycling capabilities the goal to the mid-term is to develop a structural differentiated mono-material. In a first step specific values of most diverse organic and inorganic fibers and foam materials were collected and examined on their potential combinability. For the constructed demonstrators in scale 1:1 (testing elements made of PE-fiber and PU-foam) mechanical values as well as building physical values were determined and the high gradient potential of the composite material examined.


Prof. Claudia Lüling

Project team

Sevda Acikgöz, Marieke Brehm, Theresa Büschers, Deniz Degiremnci, Christina Frey, Elder Gorreja, Carsten Goy, Sandra Lavin Grande, Tim Großblotekamp, Michèle Haas, Jeremias Heinze, Damla Sariidris, Utku Külahci, Gökce Kursun, Anna-Mira Lüssow, Andre Mönner, Thomas Kielbasinsky, Dennis Sytschow, Selin Türk

Awarded with

TechTex Award 2015
“Textile Structures for New Buildings“

Stuttgarter Leichtbaupreis 2014

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