The day-to-day decision-making situation of municipal bodies is characterized by complexity, which makes it increasingly difficult to imagine an optimal solution, taking into account the manifold - also contradictory - requirements. However, planning cannot succeed without the involvement of citizens, as can be seen from the example of Barcelona, Vision 'Smart City'. The concept 'Making Cities for People' ( Architect's Office Gehlen, Copenhagen), applied worldwide, shows how cities can successfully integrate the needs and wants of their citizens into their planning.


Based on the concerns of the different actors, this research focus develops game-based forms of learning for planning and can be tried out by all participants. Thus, citizens communicate with elected representatives of the municipality in a playful way and a variety of different scenarios can be tested interactively. This approach makes the influences to be considered visible and thus makes transparency possible. Topics that have so far been considered in isolation and/or in conflict with each other can be brought into synergy through simulated networking.

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