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Every semester, Faculty 4: Social Work and Health organizes an International Week (IW) to integrate international perspectives into teaching and thus promote the university wide iniative of "Internationalization at home". Another goal of the IWs is to strengthen exchange between students, teachers and international partners of the faculty.

30th International Week: May 13-17, 2024

Faculty 4: Social Work and Health is hosting its 30th International Week (IW) from May 13-17th, 2024. As part of the IW, guest lecturers from partner universities from all over the world came to Frankfurt and gave lectures on various topics as part of regular modules in various courses in the department. Topics such as “Culturally Sensitive Nursing”, “Child Fosterage in Namibia”, “Sustainable Healthcare Innovations”, “Shared Continuous Traumatic Situations and Resiliency” and many more were addressed.
Other events that took place as a part of the IW included a public panel discussion on the topic of "Sustainable Development Goal 10 - Putting it into Practice" as part of the IWAAC project with guests from four countries, which took place on May 15th, and "International Creative Research Methods" workshops from May 16th to 17th were organized by KomSI. The U!REKA-Days also took place as part of the IW from May 16th to 17th together with the Metropolia UAS in Finland in order to develop long-term joint teaching offers within the framework of the U!REKA university alliance.
We would like to thank all participating guests, teachers and students who contributed to the success of the IW.

29th International Week held in November

About the International Weeks

Every May and November numerous international guests are welcomed at the International Weeks of the Faculty of Social Work and Health of the Frankfurt UAS. They are an important element of the university wide initiative of "Internationalization at Home", which provides students with international perspectives in teaching right here in Frankfurt. The International Week offers the opportunity to students, lecturers and staff to network with our partner universities as well as with practitioners from social and healthcare institutions and learn more about a semester or an internship abroad.


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