International Weeks at the faculty Health and Social Work

Faculty 4 (Social Work and Health) to host its 24th International Week from May 17-22, 2021

The 24th International Week in May 2021 will digitally bring together selected organisations from Africa, Asia and Latin America to share perspectives on contextual approaches to social work in practice with the students and staff of the Department of Social Work and Health (Faculty 4).

Organisations working in the field are key elements of social work and the transnational program within the department. The upcoming International Week (IW) intends to strengthen existing international partnerships with organisations and gain new insights into diverse contexts and applications of social work. The profiles of attending guests and a schedule will be published in the spring.

During the IW, students will also have the opportunity to get to know the guests and their organisations, both as international actors in social work and as potential placement partners for internship positions abroad. We look forward to your participation!

For more information, please contact:

Maya Robinson


International Week November 2020

The International Week 2020 took place from the 16th to 20th of November 2020. Numerous representatives of universities worldwide contributed by sharing their perspectives on international social work with students during their online courses.

The international week was regarded as a success by the participants. The feedback from students was very positive and they were enthusiastic about the presentations. Through the international exchange during the week, they gained new perspectives into the role and practise of social work in other countries.

The presenters provided exciting, stimulating inputs on complex topics - overall a great enrichment for students and staff.

Further information about the events can be found below:

As part of the 23rd IW, a conference organised by the International Social Work section of the dgsa (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziale Arbeit / German Society for Social Work) took place. Up to 150 participants took part, including many students. Prof. Dr. Ute Straub, who initiated this section of the dgsa 6 years ago, was honoured by the members as she stepped down from her role as spokesperson.

The content of the conference can be viewed here: Fachtag Internationale Soziale Arbeit

About the International Weeks

Every May and November numerous international guests are welcomed at the International Weeks at Frankfurt UAS. They are an important element of the "Internationalization at Home" project, which enables students to acquire international competences without staying abroad. For those who want to go abroad the International Week offers the opportunity to get to know lecturers from partner universities as well as practitioners from social institutions and to make contacts for a semester or an internship abroad.

In May the Faculty of Economics and Law also regularly organizes International Weeks. With the International Weeks, the university helps fostering existing university partnerships and offers the opportunity to establish new contacts in teaching and research and to promote student exchange. Currently, Frankfurt UAS maintains partnerships with more than 200 partner universities in European and non-European countries.

The "International Day" of the International Office of Frankfurt UAS takes place at the same time as the International Weeks. It provides information on exchange programs abroad. There are also modules within the Interdisziplinarian general studies ("Studium Generale") program that are designed to meet the internationalization strategy.

Programmes of previous International Weeks:

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