International Weeks - Social Work and Health

Every semester, Faculty 4: Social Work and Health organizes an International Week (IW) to integrate international perspectives into teaching and thus promote the university wide iniative of "Internationalization at home". Another goal of the IWs is to strengthen exchange between students, teachers and international partners of the faculty.

28th International Week: May 8-12th

27th IW: "Meeting Challenges Across Borders"

About the International Weeks

Every May and November numerous international guests are welcomed at the International Weeks at Frankfurt UAS. They are an important element of the university wide initiative of "Internationalization at Home", which provides students with international perspectives in teaching right here in Frankfurt. For those who want and are able to go abroad, the International Week offers the opportunity to get to know lecturers from partner universities as well as practitioners from social institutions and learn more about a semester or an internship abroad.

In May, the Faculty of Economics and Law also regularly organizes International Weeks. Through the International Weeks, existing university partnerships are strengthend and opportunities to establish new contacts in teaching and research are created, as well as to promote student exchange. Currently, Frankfurt UAS as a whole maintains partnerships with more than 200 partner universities in European and non-European countries.

The "International Day" of the International Office of Frankfurt UAS usually also takes place during the International Weeks. It consists of an information exhibition on exchange programs and opportunities abroad.

Programmes of previous International Weeks:


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