Sustainability Strategy

Develop know-how, shape attitudes, become ambassadors

As a source of science and education, we have the opportunity like hardly any other stakeholder in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main region to develop solutions for all 17 sustainability goals. As an interdisciplinary university of applied sciences, we have been delivering research results that can protect our fragile world for decades.
Every year, we release over 2000 graduates from our approximately 70 degree programs. In all our students, our teachers try to ignite the spark of sustainability in order that they may ignite this spark into a fire in their future great tasks.
Is that already enough? We don't think so, because standing still is regression. That's why we want to create knowledge and develop new ideas together with all of you, our students, teachers and employees.


Sustainable and climate-relevant topics have long been part of courses and research and development projects. Together we are exploring the question of what the entire university must look like in the future so that graduates can ensure a sustainable world.

On March 1, 2021, we adopted our sustainability strategy, which serves as a guideline for the implementation of specific projects and the 111 activities that have already been proposed.


How can we transparently present the progress of a sustainable orientation of our university? How can we supplement - or even replace - the claim of economic efficiency with that of sustainability? How can IT and digitization be put at the service of sustainability?  And what do we need to do to make our own actions sustainable? The Governance Working Group is addressing these questions and developing ideas on how existing processes and structures can be rethought and designed with an eye to the future.


Nils Bauer, Fb2 (S)
Prof. Dr. Elizaveta Gardó, Fb3 (L)
Dr. Sabine Geldsetzer, Abt. BESt (M)
Dr. Margit Göttert, Equal Opportunities Officer (M) (Group spokesperson)
Prof. Dr. Veronika Kneip, Fb3 (L)
Prof. Dr. Jens Müller-Merbach, Fb3 (L)
Dr. Christoph Rosenbusch, QEP (M)
Ulrike Schmittner, Stuport (M)   
Kilian Wignanek, Fb3 (S)
Inke Worgitzki, Bibl (M)

The WG Environment develops the concept for an environmental office, a contact point for environmental projects at our university. Its goal is to create a green campus that takes into account aspects such as microclimate - the climate around the Frankfurt UAS -, deceleration, health, the cafeteria, "green social work" and open spaces. The working group members also focus on diversity (biodiversity and regionality) and equity (Fair Trade University and the establishment of internal university fair trade and ecological standards).


Esa Böttcher, Campussports (M)
Natascha Hempel, ZSB (M)
Golo Hermann, QEP (M)
Sascha Hippert, Fb3 (S)
Walther Hirsch, CBT (M)
Prof. Dr. Michael Horstmann, Fb 1 (L)
Marianne Jäger, Fb2 (M)
Caroline Löw, Campussports (M)
Prof. Holger Marschner, Fb2 (L)
Lea Menn, Fb4 (S)
Prof. Dr. Yari Or, Fb  4 (L)  
Prof. Dr. Volker Ritter, Fb 1 (L)
Prof. Erik Röthele, Fb1 (L)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ekkehard Schiefer, Fb 2 (L)
Prof. Dr. Hans Jürgen Schmitz, Fb 1 (L) (Group spokesperson)

In addition, the WG Society was founded so that we as a university can transport sustainability into (urban) society. It is concerned with the question of how we want to communicate conscious action to the outside world and how we can set an authentic example. In addition, it develops methods to check existing and future cooperations of our university for their corporate philosophy as well as to know that the topics of sustainability and fair trade are taken into account in central procurement and in tenders - even if these are currently not compatible with economical and economical budgets.


Sarah Maria Braun, Fb4 (S)
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Bremm, Fb2 (L)
Prof. Dr. Gerd Döben-Henisch, Fb2 (L)
Kristina Gaiser, Fb4 (S)
Jasmin Grünewald, Diversity (M)
Raul Gschrey, Fb4 (L)
Dr. Vera Jost, Diversity (M) (Group spokesperson)
Prof. Dr. Tine Köhler, Fb1 (L)
Prof. Dr. Michaela Köttig, Fb4 (L)
Angelika Plümmer, Fb1 (L, M)
Heiko Schorde, Bibl. (M)
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schrader, Fb2 (L)
Philipp Senft , BEST(M)
Sarah Sorge, Fb3 (M)
Prof. Dr. Stefan Timmermanns, Fb4 (L)
Prof. Dr. Martina Voigt, Fb3 (L)

In order to sensitize students and university staff to sustainable development and encourage them to contribute to shaping a sustainable society, we organize and participate in events and activities along our slogan „Develop know-how, shape attitude, become an ambassador“.


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