Prof. Dr. Heino Stöver


In the tertiary education sector (SDG 4), the “Addiction Therapy and Social Management in Addiction Care (M.A.)” part-time Master’s program provides an application-oriented, forward-looking learning and studying opportunity in a family-friendly and gender-equitable setting. The holistic education program is aimed at current topics of addiction research, competencies and methods in therapeutic care and treatment, including in the area of social facilities management. In addition to the Master’s degree, you will earn a certificate as addiction therapist recognized by the German Pensions Insurance Association [Deutscher Rentenversicherung Bund] and entitling you to work in medical addiction rehabilitation. Consequently, our graduates are excellently prepared to bring about sustainable behavioral changes in their relevant target groups, alleviating the societal burden in the long run.

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last updated on: 11.28.2023