Bee colonies on the campus

To increase biodiversity, several bee colonies were established on the campus of Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences in June 2021. Bees, along with many other species, are important for the existence of ecosystems on our planet because they ensure the pollination of a large proportion of plants.

We would be delighted if you would take on a sponsorship for the bees. For €25 per year, you will receive a certificate and a jar of honey. Please contact the BüroN team.

The idea for establishing the bee colonies was submitted as a part of the company suggestion scheme and won a prize. The search for a suitable location was carried out as part of the Interdisciplinary General Studies programme (!SG) as a project on the cross-cutting topic of sustainability. Colleagues from the property service, the safety officers and the people who submitted the proposal supported the team in selecting the location. The project was sponsored by the Förderverein der Frankfurt UAS e.V.
Many thanks to all participants!

A green roof on building 4 of Frankfurt UAS was chosen as the location. The bees can be observed from the stairwell of building 4 from the 2nd floor.

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last updated on: 05.03.2024