Grades and Credits

The German Grading System uses the following grades:

  • 1,0-1,3 "sehr gut" (very good: an outstanding achievement)

  • 1,7-2,3 "gut" (good: an achievement that is substantially above average requirements)

  • 2,7-3,3 "befriedigend" (satisfactory: an achievement that satisfies average requirements)

  • 3,7-4,0 "ausreichend" (sufficient: an achievement that still meets the requirements)

  • 4,3-5,0 "nicht ausreichend / nicht bestanden" (not sufficient / failed: an achievement that does not meet the requirements)

The University of Applied Sciences uses the European Transfer Credit System ECTS. Usually each module is worth 5 ECTS. The ECTS is based not only on contact hours but also includes the amount of work necessary for preparing for the class as well as the exam length.

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