Application Process for Exchange Students

How to apply?

Are you interested in applying as an exchange student at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences? Take a look at the following steps to successfully complete your application process!

  • First, your home university needs to send us an official nomination per e-mail.
  • A valid exchange agreement needs to exist between Frankfurt UAS and your home university.

Second, you need to fill out our online application.

Afterwards, you will receive an e-mail with your login details for our application platform, Mobility-Online.

Please refer to our Mobility Online manual if you need help with the online application.

Once you have registered with Mobility-Online, you will be asked to fill in your personal details and accommodation preferences. Our housing office will then contact you accordingly.

Next, please upload the documents listed under Step 4 to our application platform Mobility-Online.

After you upload all necessary documents, a PDF file with your information will be automatically generated. You will need to sign this document and upload it to Mobilty-Online to complete your application.

To complete your learning agreement, you need to select the courses you would like to study during your time at Frankfurt UAS.

Please take a look at our offered courses before choosing your courses in Mobility Online.

A guide on how to register for courses in Mobility Online can be found here.

The course selection is the most important part of your application. Your acceptance letter can only be issued if your learning agreement is complete and correct.

ERASMUS+ students must also create a digital learning agreement. The digital LA is created using an online tool from your home university. Please contact your home university if you have questions on this.
Please contact us with questions about the courses before you fill out the digital LA. If the courses are not entered correctly, we have to reject the digital LA.

Please note: If you are applying for a two semester stay, you have so select courses for both semester


Please upload the following documents to our online application platform Mobility-Online:

  • Learning Agreement (List of courses you would like to take at Frankfurt UAS):
    • ERASMUS students: use the correct Learning Agreement Form issued by your home university, consult your professors, and collect any needed signatures. A guide for filling in the learning agreement is available here.
    • OVERSEAS students: please create your Learning Agreement in Mobility Online (see our guide). Consult your professors, and collect any needed signatures.
  • Transcript of records from your home university (in German or English)
  • Documentation of German language proficiency - CEFR Level B2 (needed if you choose to enroll in courses taught in German at Frankfurt UAS). This should be an official document or signed by a school official. The document cannot be older than two years.
  • Documentation of English language proficiency - CEFR Level B2 (needed if you choose courses taught in English). This should be an official document or signed by a school official. Please note: native English Speakers DO NOT need to provide proof of English language proficiency. The document cannot be older than two years.
  • Copy of your European health insurance card. Please note: This only applies to European citizens.
  • Copy of Passport or Identification Card. Please note: Driver's License or Student IDs are NOT sufficient forms of identification.
  • One (1) Passport Photo. (headshot photo, full face in view, white background, high resolution)

Please note: Incomplete application documents will delay your acceptance.

    Students are able to track their application process via Mobility-Online


    What happens after the application?

    After uploading all documents, our International Office will formally check your application documents. This might take a few days. If a document is missing from your application, we will notify you by e-mail.


    The academic advisors in our faculties will check the courses on your learning agreement to make sure that selected courses are offered and that you meet the academic requirements for the courses. This can take one to four weeks.

    If the coordinator agrees to the course selection, they will sign your learning agreement. Only then can we issue your acceptance letter.

    If changes to your course selection are necessary, we will inform you by e-mail.

    You will receive your Acceptance Letter as soon as your learning agreement has been approved by our academic advisors. This might take one to four weeks, after the application period has ended.

    We will send your Acceptance Letter to the e-mail address provided in Mobility Online.

    After you have received your acceptance letter our International Office will send you further information on housing, our buddy program, the German intensive course, insurance and visa questions, and further details of your stay. 


    Application Deadline

    Winter Semester May 1
    Summer Semester Nov. 1


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