Living in Frankfurt

Accomodation for exchange students

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences does not own any dorms for exchange students. Available accomodation and housing for students is very limited in Frankfurt.

Therefore, our housing office tries to help all exchange students to find affordable accomodation.

During your application process, you will be asked to fill in accomodation application form for our housing office. Only one accomodation offer can be made to each exchange student.

You will be informed about your accommodation before arrival.

FAQs concerning housing in Frankfurt

For further questions concerning housing in Frankfurt, please read our housing FAQs.


Financing your stay

Compared to other cities in Germany, Frankfurt is rather expensive. Please plan your budget realistically.

Monthly expenses:

  • Accommodation=  €350 - €800
  • Food = €200
  • Clothing = €50
  • Health insurance = €120
  • Liability insurance =  €7
  • Study materials, textbooks and computer = €50
  • Telephone and Internet = €40
  • Leisure and sports = €100
  • Semester fee = approx €360 per semester
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Fax : +49 69 1533-2748

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