Living in Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt is known as a major banking capital – but the city offers so much more. Frankfurt is gaining worldwide attention for its variety of museums, diverse eateries, and evolving nightlife. Additionally, historical sites and plenty of recreational activities are all reasons people from around the world call Frankfurt home, therefore making it the most international city in Germany. Click here to visit the official city website and find out more about Frankfurt!

Housing in Frankfurt

Frankfurt UAS offers a guest apartments with three rooms that can be used by international scholars during their visits. In order to best prepare for your stay, please inform the Welcome Center or Housing Office at least 2 months in advance if you would like to stay in one of the rooms in our guest apartment. You have the opportunity to stay in the guest apartment for up to 3 months. If accommodation on campus is not available, the Welcome Center and Housing Office can offer you suggestions and advice about housing in the surrounding area. Finding accommodation in Frankfurt is a difficult task and rent is very expensive; however, please rest assured that we will do our best to help find you suitable housing during your stay. 

Please contact the Housing Office for more information.

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