Contacts in the department of Student Support and Services

Witte, Jutta – Head of department (room 26)
Balzer, Yvonne (room 23)
Danek, Bettina (room 114)
Faye, Eléna (room 25)
Heidrich, Karin (room 26)
Karg, Janine (room 25)
Link, Beate (room 24)
Lotz, Gudrun (room 127)
Oyntzen, Bernarda (room 23)
Siarava, Niki (room 24)
Stoffers, Hannah (room 24)
Weber, Severine (room 23)
Ziolkowski, Mateusz Michal (room 25)

Leave of absence and part-time studies, booking of final exams, media- and print design

Bettina DanekStudent Services Office
Building 1, Room 114

University admission for qualified jobs, pilot project, projection of studying success (certificates), information management

Bettina Fischer-GerstemeierStuPort - Student Support and Services
Building 1, Room 117

Archiving, pension failure periods, grade booking for "Studium Generale", diploma as well as Language Center (FSZ)

Tuition fees, accounting, severely handicapped employee representative

Building BCN, 8th floor, rooms 808, 809, 810, 811, 829, 830 and 832

Jannika HummelCentral Student Advisory Center
Building BCN (City Gate), Room 810
Natascha HempelCentral Student Advisory Center
Building BCN (City Gate), Room 832
Sabrina Müller
Program coordinator "Chancen bilden"
Building BCN, Room 829

Dr. Klaudia Bovermann (Head of field) (Room 102)
Betül von Laffert (Room 113)
Sissi Richter (Foyer, Building 1)

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