The Presidential Board of Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences leads the university in accordance with Hessian University Law (HHG). Pursuant to § 43 HessHG it is responsible for all matters which are not expressly allocated to other bodies.

The Presidential Board is the university's managing body and consists of the President, two Vice Presidents and the Head of Administration.

It promotes the university's modern internal and external development with the participation of the Academic Senate and the University Council together with the Faculties and university members.

The newly elected President of Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Dr. Kai-Oliver Schocke, will assume his office on April 1, 2023. His term of office runs until March 31, 2029. In accordance with § 45 HessHG (Hessian Higher Education Act), the President chairs the Presidential Board and has the authority to set general policy guidelines. He represents the university externally.

From November 1, 2022 Prof. Dr. Christiane Saure has been commissioned Acting Head of Administration of Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences until the designation of a successor.

Anna Arsova-Odrich
Head of the Presidential Board’s Office
Building 2, Room 577
Ruth BehrensPersonal Secretary
Building 2, Room 512-516
Prof. Dr.-Ing.
René Thiele
Vice President for Academic and International Affairs
Building 2, Room 516
Ruth SpitznagelPersonal Secretary
Building 2, Room 512-516
Prof. Dr.
Susanne Rägle
Vice President for Research, Further Education and Transfer
Building 2, Room 513
Susanne Klüber
Personal Assistant
Building 2, Room 522
N N.Personal Secretary
Building 2, Room 512-516
Fax : +49 69 1533-2401
Prof. Dr.
Christiane Saure
Acting Head of Administration
Building 2, Room 512
Andrea Klaiß
Personal Secretary
Building 2, Room 512-516
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