FAQ of CampusSport

  • Students of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and the cooperating Goethe University.
  • Employees of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.
  • Persons who are not part of the above mentioned group. 

There is no claim to withdraw from the contract on the part of the participant. In certain cases (injury, loss of study place, etc.) CampusSport reserves the right of an exception as a gesture of goodwill.

The participants are obligated to pay the stated fee with the online registration. The registration confirmation handed out during the registration is checked during every session.

Online registration:
     1. Choose course
     2. Click button
     3. Fill out the registration from
     4. Check data and send
     5. Print off ticket or save as PDF on your smartphone

Personal data are collected during the online registration, which are required for course administration and which are only processed for that purpose.

In case of loss of the ticket the registration remains in place. A new copy can be issued at the Sports Office. It is recommended to save the registration confirmation on your smartphone.

Yes. A registration for every course is required, independent of whether the offer is free of charge or subject to a fee. Requirement: You belong to the eligible group of people.

This is the only way how we can inform you about course openings, course changes, cancellations etc. in a timely manner. Please note: We require a valid and correct email address because you will otherwise not receive your ticket!

Unfortunately, it is not possible or allowed to change or pass on your place in the course to another person. The booking is exclusive to the respective person and cannot be transferred.

Unfortunately there is a risk of theft in all sports facilities, particularly in the changing rooms. It is recommended to not leave valuables unattended or to not bring them to the course because liability claims toward CampusSport cannot be made.

The accident insurance regulations of the Federal State Hesse apply to employees and students:

  1. Students of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and the cooperating Goethe University are insured by the accident insurance of the Federal State Hesse, if they take part in the courses organized by CampusSport during pre-set times and instructed by an appointed trainer. There is no insurance protection for freely organized practice and play sessions.
  2. Employees of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences are insured when participating in courses offered by CampusSport, if the selected course has a balancing and not a competitive character, the participant circle is mainly limited to members of the university, the sessions take place on a regular basis and the time and duration are in connection with the balancing purpose.
  3. An accident in the frame of CampusSport, is not considered an occupational accident for civil servants. Civil servants are not entitled to accident compensation. A private insurance protection is therefore urgently recommended to all employees.
  4. Guests, who take part in the offers of CampusSport are not insured. The guests must independently take care of respective coverage.

Accident notifications must be submitted in writing to CampusSport within three days.

Found items can be brought to the janitors  and inquired about over the phone (Phone: +49 69 1533 2695). We cannot assume responsibility for lost items.    


Office hours

During the semester: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 2 PM - 4 PM.

Otherwise: Monday - Friday only by appointment.

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