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TalkBar is an open platform for all Frankfurt UAS students where we want to bring people together. Part of our community are students as well as experts who are experienced in specific fields that might also be interesting for you. TalkBar offers opportunities for students to orientate at their new university and to build more confidence in different areas. You will have the chance to discover new perspectives and develop key competences for your studies. Topics of the upcoming talks can be found on our website. This offer is non-binding and takes place in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. We hope to see you in one of our talks.

Next dates of the upcoming online events

On selected Fridays at 10.30 am.

The event series for sommersemester 2023

[Let's talk together] Everyone is talking about diversity. But how does that actually work? In this “Let's talk together” session we will look at how we can better understand the behavior of others and practice looking through a different lens. From individualism/collectivism, to stereotypical thinking and culture shocks, to intercultural communication, we hope for an exciting exchange led by integration companion Annette Schoppmann together with you. No matter what field you come from, sooner or later we all come into contact with other cultures and therefore this topic is suitable for everyone. Did the session pique your curiosity? Then please take part in our first TalkBar this semester.

Speaker: Annette Schoppmann

This event will be held in german..

[Expert Talk] How can i get better in my learning skills? Which strategies are recommended? How can counseling optimize my way of learning? In this session we will talk about tools und plans to optimize the personal way of learning. What counts: Every student can do better in sucessful learning. And: the personal learning progress makes fun what benefits to your motivation. After an input on relevant learning strategies participants have time to share their learning experiences and sucessful learning strategies with each other.

Speaker: Marc Oliver Maier

This Talkbar will be held in German.

[Let's talk together] Healthy, restful sleep is the prerequisite for physical and mental health and also the necessary basis for top performance. If you want to be successful in your studies, you should think about what healthy sleep looks like and how it can be promoted and expanded in everyday life. In this session we want to address the question of what tools and hacks are available to improve your sleep. What recommendations can be derived from scientific publications? But what are your practical everyday tips and approaches for improved sleep?

This session will be held in english.

Moderator: Marc Oliver Maier, Lerncoach und Berater, Frankfurt UAS

[Expert Talk] Would you like to work in Germany after your studies? Or are you already looking for a suitable internship or student job? Then develope your career from today! Stefanie Brunn from our International Career Service knows how to do it and brings up some very efficient lifehacks for your career in Germany. She advises international students and how you can improve their chances on the German job market. The session deals with very practical questions, such as preparing suitable application documents, negotiating starting salaries or preparing for applicant interviews.

Speaker: Stefanie Brunn, International Career Service

This event will be held in english.

[Expert Talk] Find out how ADHD can influence your studies and discover strategies and offers of help for successful studies together with us. This session is particularly aimed at students with ADHD or those who think that ADHD could play a role in their everyday study life. After an input about ADHD and possible effects on studying, we will have an open exchange about your personal experiences. We also collect strategies and resources for studying and life together. And find out about networking and the ADHD self-help group at the Frankfurt UAS.

Speaker: Mika McGee & Paula Iglesias, Referat Studieren mit Behinderung

This event will be held in german.

[Expert Talk] What exactly is artificial intelligence and what should be taken into account when using different forms of AI. If you are interested in this topic, the next TalkBar is the right place for you. Ralf Heilmann, consultant & trainer for transformation and digital learning, tells us more about different types of AI and explains the differences between strong and weak AIs. We also get an overview of neural networks and deep learning. The lecture ends with some examples of AI in practice and the whole thing is examined from a cultural and ethical perspective. There will of course be enough time for all your questions afterwards. We hope you'll be there and look forward to welcoming you next Friday.

Speaker: Ralf Heilmann

This event will be held in german.

[Let's talk together] Are you already learning with the help of artificial intelligence? Or would you like to learn more about and exchange views on how other students use ChatGPT and other AI speech generators for their academic success? In this session (learning with AI) we want to take the time to exchange views on which learning practices of students are already based on artificial intelligence, which generators and AI applications make sense for students, but also where the limits of the new technology lie and what there is to consider when using. Used with finesse, AI can simulate a learning buddy, support you with programming or give you helpful writing impulses. Be there and exchange ideas with other students on the topic!

This TalkBar session will be held in german.

Moderator*in: Lina Heilmann & Marc Oliver Maier, Frankfurt UAS

Let's talk together

Let´s talk together is a new format of the Talk Bar that we offer you in addition. We want to provide you with a platform to get in contact with others. It is an offer for everyone who wants to join and share experiences or ideas. As the audience is also the speaker we need you to be part of the talks and maybe share your own story.

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