TalkBar digital

Involve, network, share: digital knowledge and experience exchange

Speaker's speak in a moderated online webinar about a university-relevant topic with a subsequent exchange of ideas between the participants. The event is organized as a video conference via Zoom.

On selected Fridays, from 10:30 am.

Online seminars and dates of the event series at WiSe 20/21

Stress at university? Hardly any time for your submissions, preparation and wrap-up and then a talk about exactly that?
Why should you look at it? Because in addition to the specific subject, we talk about student's theoretical input on the topic of resilience from our perspective. 
What can you expect? Story tale with low blows, crises and resistance and how to overcome these factors with the help of resilience.
In short: lessons learned from the background of migration, poverty, racism and feminism. 

This Talkbar will be held in German.

Looking for a job opportunity in Germany? Need some Guidance for the approach?

Here is a platform to discuss all your queries with our university expert.

Stefanie Brunn from the International Office of our university will discuss the application process in the German job market alongside the student volunteers will share their experiences and challenges. Besides, there will be an open discussion for the participants with their query. The talk is highly recommendable for the fresher looking for job opportunities.

The Talkbar will be in English.

This Talk is for all the students who are launching their careers addressing timeless methods and techniques that will help professionals through their careers. Career guidance has an important role to play within education in laying the foundations for lifelong career development.  How to improve the individual ability to make decisions and changes to empower the knowledge skills and attitude to fit career choice. How to make collaborative efforts of guidance from staff, professors. How to search for professional opportunities through job shadowing, apprenticeships, or internships.

Dr. Rajkumar Vutukuri Ph.D. Postdoc, from Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt, will talk about career steps to follow at University Level alongside the student volunteers will share their experiences and challenges. Besides, there will be an open discussion for the participants with their queries.

The Talkbar session will be held in English.

Concept of the digital event series

In times of Corona we decided to continue the exchange format digital: TalkBar digital. The goal of the TalkBar is the exchange with students and interested university members. With the digital format, we offer insights into various topics brought along by the experts. All topics have in common that they are related to studies and student life that helps them to get through the studies or to remove obstacles. A good format, that's what we think to create a better network. Therefore, all members of the university are invited to participate in the TalkBar to share their knowledge and experiences.



The discussion is executed using Zoom. An external speaker provides expertise information on the respective topic, and a moderator leads the digital exchange of expertise. In the meeting, the participants also share their experience and knowledge.

Archive of the event series

In our education system, academic success is highly dependent on the educational background of the parents. Anna Spengler, coordinator of in Hesse, reports on her work in networking and supporting students who are the first in their family to study. Also, volunteers narrate how they overcame obstacles and struggles on their educational path.

This Talkbar will be held in German.

Marie Sibold from offers an overview of the various scholarships applications, their requirements and gives valuable tips on what factors to consider while applying. The participation is complemented by an exchange on student finances.

This Talkbar will be held in German.

Online seminars and dates of the event series at SoSe 20

Thomas Abel, a psychologist at the Student services in Frankfurt, discuss fears and blockages in exam situations. What are the typical problems of students in examination situations? What are the possible solutions? What can members of the university do to support students with exam anxiety??

Stefanie Busch, financial expert and graduate of the Frankfurt UAS in the master's program "Strategic Information Management" will lecture on financial options for students. Current events, such as the Corona crisis, make it more important for students to make a wise decision when dealing with their finance.
Through the active participation of the students, individual questions addressed concerns, methods and starting points for their financial strategies can be worked out.

The event series in the KostBar

Thomas Abel, the psychologist at the Student services Frankfurt, reports on postponement during studies. What are the typical difficulties of students who procrastinate? What are the possible solutions? What can members of the university do to support procrastinators?

Jannika Hummel, a psychotherapist at the Central Student Advisory Service at the Frankfurt UAS, speaks from her experience in therapeutic work with students.

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Johannes Zhou, memory sportsman and student, shows how to use memory techniques in studies. He reports on his successes in law studies but also shows the limitations of using memory techniques. Marcela Jednat certified memory Trainerin and woman employee of Praxis & Career service at the Fb 3, explains, how the brain functions and why memory techniques work so well. From her experience as a trainer, she knows many different ways in which memory techniques can help in everyday life. Both lecturers bring along various procedures to try out.

Dr. Miriam Hansen, operational director of the Interdisciplinary College of University Didactics at Goethe University, reports on her research on the influence of culture on emotions and communication. She also informs how to incorporate the research results into University Didactic workshops on the topic of "Intercultural Competencies" for teachers.

Ms. Widemann offers intercultural training for students within the framework of the international office of the Frankfurt UAS. As a co-examiner, she will report on her experience with the topic and how students can benefit from the workshops


eduScrum based on Scrum is a method of agile working. Kristina Fritsch, certified eduScrum Coach, designs an interactive part to practise approaches in the TalkBar.

Saskia Bender, Diversity Policies Officer from Goethe University Frankfurt, talks about the development, implementation and measures of diversity at universities. Dr Vera Jost, Head of the Diversity Unit from Frankfurt UAS, reports on current developments at the Frankfurt UAS.

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