65 kg Lightweight Pavilion

Extremely light and made of a textile foamed composite material - the pavilion of the “Frankfurter Forschungsinstitut“, only weighs 65 kg.

Inspired by fiber and spongelike material structures of the cattail Typha, a four-meter high, self-supporting, cone-shaped pavilion is formed as a laid fabric.

Textile materials such as knitted, rupture resistant PET-textile-tubes, were tested and filled with closed-cell round PE-cords. Initially for technical reasons, the tubes were not foamed directly by the team. The textile takes over tensile forces, the foam compressive forces - the result is a light, temporary room structure made of pressure-resistant lightweight ropes.


Prof. Claudia Lüling

Project team

Sevda Acikgöz, Marieke Brehm, Theresa Büschers, Deniz Degiremnci, Christina Frey, Elder Gorreja, Carsten Goy, Sandra Lavin Grande, Tim Großblotekamp, Michèle Haas, Jeremias Heinze, Damla Sariidris, Utku Külahci, Gökce Kursun, Anna-Mira Lüssow, Andre Mönner, Thomas Kielbasinsky, Dennis Sytschow, Selin Türk

Awarded with

TechTex Award 2015
“Textile Structures for New Buildings“

Stuttgarter Leichtbaupreis 2014

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