Foamed textile structure - FabricFoam©

Master students in the field of architecture from the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences worked in an experimental design seminar on developing a new lightweight composite material: A wall element out of textiles and foamed material should be developed, which by majority was produced from sustainable raw materials and functions on the base of bionic principles.

Expected advantages are: Transport with low volume and weight, easy construction on site, individual configuration of the building envelope by structural and climatic standards, individual layout of space depending on the functional requirements.

The resulting works show how traditional textile manufacturing techniques like knitting, weaving,  braiding, tying a.o. in combination with foamed materials can be scaled to architectural applications.

In the scale 1:1 wall elements i.e. „MaschenSchaum“, „KugelGewebe“, and „NetzGelege“ („MeshingFoam“, „BallFabric“, „LaidWeb“) were constructed. Finally the carrying capacity and design of the „LaidWeb“, was selected to test its usability and design quality in an architectural room installation.


Prof. Claudia Lüling


S. Acikgöz, M. Brehm, T. Büschers, C. Frey, C. Goy,
T. Großblotekamp, M. Haas, J. Heinze, Ü. Kabadayi, T. Kielbasinsky, A. Mönner

Funded by

Forschung für die Praxis

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