ReFaTex - Reversible, foldable, energetically effective 3D-textile for construction

The research project ReFaTex deals with applications for spacer fabrics in the facade.

This is about the fabrication of lightweight and resistant elements, which also are foldable or moveable. Its appearance can vary from opaque to partially translucent. Depending on the thermal conditions and stability, area by area they can be reinforced with foam. For this purpose moving mechanisms are examined on macro and meso level, which function mechanically, electrically, pneumatically, or adaptively.

Developed are robust and low-maintenance product ideas, which temporarily reduce the loss of energy of the building envelope, but at the same time in unfolded or open condition allow diffused solar radiation or also a view. Translucency, transparency, and folding/moving, function over the spacer fabric and moving/folding mechanisms without hinges. The illustrations show a collection of protected versions.

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Prof. Claudia Lüling

Project team

Dipl. Ing. Natalija Miodragovic, M.A. Johanna Beuscher


Philipp Cronenberg, Rasmus Kallenberg, David Knezevic, Ivan Litvitschenko, Marius Mersinger

Funded by

Innovationsfond Forschung Hessen

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