renderingCodes ... goes textile

The research project “renderingCodes“ of the IIT (Institute International Trendscouting of the HAWK Hildesheim) within WorkLabs investigates questions about trend research and future studies as well as specific developments of materials and surfaces.

In cooperation with students of the Frankfurt University visions were developed.

In the second step these visions were translated into feasible concepts under the aspect of future application of textiles on facades, in the module “Sondergebiete des Materials“ (Special areas of materials). Thereby especially the potential of three-dimensional textile structures like spacer textiles were investigated.

Concepts for green facades, recycling facades, translucent concrete facades, stretchable facades etc. were developed.


Prof. Claudia Lüling - Frankfurt UAS
Prof. Markus Schlegel HAWK - Hildesheim

Seminar participants

Bach Conrad, Bafaiz Nazanien, Bind Laureen, Bobko, Dominika, Kerst Kristina, Kippes Desiree, Legleitner Lena, Lopez Carrion Jorge Luis, Maiwald Katrin, Mittelmann Annette, Poschen Melissa, Reusert Bianca, Sedlaczek Carmen, Stepien Alexandra, Stoszek Jessica, Tekin Aylin, Warlo Diana Marin, Wünschmann Miro

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